Formal and Special Occasions Services 2020



Terms and Conditions:



  • To secure a booking date and time a booking fee (which is non-refundable and Non-Transferrable) of $50 per person is required  to be paid. 
  • if client make a cancellation of appointment/booking the booking fee is non-refundable, non-transferrable and deemed as the cancellation fee. When reducing the number of people in the booking, for each cancelled person their $50 deposit is forfeited as a cancellation fee.  The $50 paid for that person is non-refundable and non-transferrable.  Therefore cannot be transferred or used to offset the amount owing for the booking overall.
  •  The remaining amount owing to the services hired is to be paid a week before the date booked via bank transfer or in cash/credit card on the day.
  • It is the client's responsibility to contact Mandy To - Hair & Makeup Artist in regards to any situation that may affect the performance of the services booked.  These can include illness (non-contagious and Contagious), skin conditions, allergies, special requirements and any changes. 
  • For all hair services, the artist has the right to refuse service if client turns up with head lice infection.  This is for hygiene reasons as it can spread from head to head contacts through hair accessories/equipment used.  Please consult artist if such situation has emerged, there may be other alternatives with advanced notice.
  • Should the service be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances by Mandy To - Hair & Makeup Artist, a full refund will be issued to the client.
  • If client fails to turn up to their appointment with no prior arrangement or notification, the appointment date and time is automatically deemed as cancelled and the booking fee  is taken as a cancellation fee.
  • For all mobile services parking and travel fees are to be reimbursed to Mandy To - Hair & Makeup Artist.  For all jobs that will be taken place at a hotel, may require valet parking to be organised.  Please enquire about terms and conditions for hotel jobs.
  • All government regulations, policies and guidelines in addtion to the terms and conditions mentioned needs to be adhered to.  Otherwise service(s) cannot be performed/provided.  These will all be sent to client before any appointment/booking is confirmed.
  • Booking fee is strictly non-refundable and non-transferrable under any circumstances relating to Covid 19, unless there is a lockdown and Government restrictions does not allow events to go ahead or the business/makeup artist being unable to operate.  Then a transfer of the booking fee will be permitted to a new date within 12 months of the initial booking date.

  • In the event that your hair/makeup artist is unable to attend to your appointment due to having covid or having to isolate, a replacement will be organised and sent to you.