Why should I book a professional hair and makeup stylist for my wedding?


As a professional we're here to help you on your big day.  Our designs are camera ready, meaning you'll look great not only in person but also in photos.  The high quality products used along with our knowledge of products and skills acquired from years of experience and intensive on-going training, will ensure you look your best on your big day. 


Why not make your big day stress free, get pampered and not have to worry whether your hair or makeup will last.  When hiring your stylist for the important day, ensure their style is to your liking.  It is highly recommended to schedule in a trial appointment before your wedding day to ensure you are happy with the hair and/or makeup designs is the look your after.


I can now be found of Wedding WA Website along with many other great wedding vendors.


What is a Bridal Preview?  Should I have one and when should I have one?  How long does it take?


A Bridal Preview (aka Trial) is an appointment with your hair/makeup stylist where you meet, consult, design and apply.  It is to give brides the sense of how hair or makeup will be applied on the wedding day.  The consultation will talk about their skincare, preference, style and what they would love to have for their big day.  It is highly recommended to book in a trial ASAP, don't leave them last minute as you may meeting the stylist you want however they could be booked out on your wedding day.  Another reason for having a trial early is you would want to find a person who can communicate well with you and makes you comfortable.  You wouldn't want a stylist who doesn't understand you, or someone who doesn't make you feel confidence that you'll be completely happy on the wedding day.


During the appointment it is only schedule in a time slot suited for one look application, therefore if you require more than one look please do inform the stylist.  Additional looks during a Bridal Preview will incur extra cost, so please enquire about it first.


A bridal preview appointment can take from 1- 3 hours depending on the amount of styles you'll be trying or whether it is either hair and/or makeup.  It is best to leave enough time during the day to make certain you're not going to have to rush off or stress out.



Do I  need to prepare anything before my Bridal Preview?


Yes.  Understand your skin.  We cannot stress enough how important it is to allow your stylist know about your skin conditions.  This include the type of skin you have and any conditions or allergies/reactions.  By informing your makeup artist, this will help them prepare the correct application for you.  The smoothness and longevity of your makeup application is always at its best when best catered to suit your skin type and condition.


Do some research.  Collect pictures of makeup or hair designs either from magazine or from the internet (Google image, Pinterest,etc).  This will assist you and your stylist in better understanding the style you wish to achieve.  Please also be realistic, pictures collected from the internet or other sources should be used as inspirations and not to be viewed as what you would look like exactly. 


Please be on time or even a bit early (5-10 minutes) for your appointment.  We are by appointment only and we will not run someone else's appointment behind because you are late.  There are days where the schedule is booked in tight and may not be able to accommodate extra time.


Please do not bring any children to your bridal preview appointment.  If you wish to bring guests with you, the studio needs to be notified/confirmed with first. The studio may not be able to cater for a large group. Bringing too many guests with you can proves to be a bad idea.  Too much opinions can often confuse you or make you feel insecure.  Due to Covid and Government regulation/guidelines, we are no longer accepting guests to appointments.  This is so we are in compliance with the 2sqm and 1.5 m distancing rule, my home studio can only cater for one person at a time.


Last but not least, come with a clean face and clean, dry hair that is not full of hair products like serum and preferably not washed with too much conditioner.  When hair is lathered with products or has a lot of residue from conditioner, it tends to don't hold styles or well.


How far in advance should I book my hair and makeup stylist?


This depends on how busy your choice of stylist is.  To avoid disappointment the earlier the better.  Hair and makeup stylists in the industry can be booked up from 6 months to 1-2 years in advance.



How many people can be catered on the wedding day?


We have no problem with catering for a large bridal party.  Please enquire and confirm when booking.  Mandy has an extensive connection in the industry and can put together a team to cater for bridal parties of all sizes.



Can I change my booking numbers at a later date?


Yes.  Please keep in mind that reducing numbers can result in the lost of the booking fee paid for that particular person.  However it is always best to let your hair and makeup stylist know as soon as you know for certain.  Whether it is reducing or increasing we need to know in order to be able to arrange and accommodate you and your bridal to the best we can.


What do you charge?


Please enquire for more information.  Prices are subjected to change without notice, however the prices you booked in with will remain the same.



How do I make a booking?


Bookings can be made via the contact page or email [email protected] and we'll reply to you as soon as we can.  During bridal peak season please understand that replies may be delayed.


All bookings are not secured without a booking fee.


What products do you use?


We use a wide range of professional products to accommodate for all job types. Some major brands includes:

  • Inglot
  • Mac Cosmetics
  • Temptu
  • Elementwo
  • Danessa Myricks Beauty
  • Tom Ford
  • Clinique
  • Estee Lauder
  • Illamasqua
  • Ben Nye
  • Graftobian
  • Lo'real
  • Tony Moly
  • And many more other brands



Can I use my own makeup?


We have confidence that what we stock and the products we uses will be suitable for you.  However if there is a condition/situation where you must use your own, please discuss it with the stylist and we'll be happy to make it work out.

Please keep in mind there is no discount simply by providing your own products.