Covid Safe Plan

Mobile Services





If you have an upcoming appointment with me you MUST disclose any of the following;


  • Falls within isolation/quarantine time, lives with someone who is in self isolation/quarantine.
  • Been in contact with someone who is in self isolation or confirmed case of Covid-19.


  • Have travelled outside of Western Australian border (interstate or overseas) in the last 14 days.


  • You are not feeling well regardless of how minor the symptoms are. Flu like symptoms, sore throat, cough, fever (temp above 37.5 °C), loss of smell and taste or shortness of breath in the last 48 hours or of any potential illnesses which could affect the health of the artist/s and or contaminate their equipment.


  • Is anyone in your household sick and have flu like symptoms as listed above.


PLEASE contact me as soon as possible to arrange a reschedule/cancellation.


  • Client's temperature may be checked, but is not mandatory at the beginning before services commence.  Artist/s performing services are also happy to show you their temperature check upon request.


  • Personal contact details will need to be recorded by artist/s of all clients before services commence as required by the government covid safety plan, that will assist state public health unit if there is ever a need to tracing close contacts.  This online form will be filled on the day by the client receiving services.




  • All workspace and chairs are cleaned and sanitise with Viraclean (hospital grade cleaner) before starting hair and makeup services and in between each client.


  • All combs and brushes are sanitised and cleaned with Anti-bacterial (eg Barbicide, Artist Choice Anti Bacterial) liquid solution.


  • All implements (eyelash curler, tweezers, spatulas, etc) used for makeup services will be cleaned and soaked in a disinfectant solution after each client.


  • Makeup brushes will be packed in multiple sets to ensure that one set is used per client.  All dirty brushes will be washed with soap and water, air dried then sprayed down with isopropyl alcohol (70%) before being packed and ready to be used again.


  • All clients must either wash their hands with soap and water or use hand sanitiser provided before any services commence.  Drinks, phones, and other belongings are not to be placed on the artist/s workspace unless prior notice and permission was given.


  • Artist providing hair and makeup services will wash their hands with soap and water or use hand sanitiser and may choose to wear gloves and a face mask throughout the appointment, however is not mandatory.  Gloves worn are disposed of in a closed bin after each client and face masks will be dispose of properly in a closed bin at the end of the appointment. 


  • Makeup products (liquid and cream) are all to be decanted out safely and hygienically onto a mixing palette.  Powder products may be decanted out onto a mixing plate or must be cleaned and sanitised after each client with makeup sanitiser spray.  Hygiene will remain at a high standard to ensure we are in compliance to the WA Health department regulations and prevent the spread of Covid.


  • Products are not to be exposed or kept opened during services provided, they will only be opened to decant when needed.


  • Disposable sponges, mascara wands and lip wands are to be discarded immediately at the end of each client.


  • The client MUST NOT touch the artist/s tools, items/products or equipment under any circumstance unless directed by the artist/s.




  • Physical distancing is impossible for an artist/s as we are considered close contact (face to face), however we will limit as much contact as possible and as much distance as we can.


  • All hair and makeup services are to be one person at a time, therefore unfortunately guests/family/friends cannot hang around to chit chat.


  • All Bridal Preview appointments scheduled  are to be one on one with the artist, no guests are allowed to accompany along to the appointment.


  • During wedding or general appointments it is preferred artists are placed in a spacious room and only one bridal party member at a time per  artist will be allowed during the duration of the services provided.  It is unfortunate that we no longer can hang out together while getting ready, but we must comply with physical distancing rules provided by the government health department.  Currently there is still a 2 meter square per person and a 1.5 meter social distancing rule and will be maintained to the best as possible.


  • It is preferred children do not hang around during the time services commence.  Please organise someone to attend to your children while you are at your appointment.


  • Clients please ensure the room for artist/s to perform services is spacious and can practice social distancing.  Hotel rooms  and other small spaces may not be suitable, so before making your appointment please do consider the location where you're getting ready, if it suits the appointment requirement of 1 client per artist/s and no guests are hanging around.


  • It is the client's responsibility to inform their vendors (photographers, videographers, etc) to not to crowd into the room where makeup and hair is being serviced and to adhere to the physical distancing of minimum 1.5 metre.




  • All artist/s (business participant and sub-contractors) who provide hair and makeup services have completed the "Infection Control Training - Covid 19" online course provided by the Australian Health department.


  • All artist/s will be trained to adhere to strict guidelines of Covid Safety Procedures provided by Government and those set by the business.  To ensure the safety of both clients and artist/s while services are provided.


  • Procedures, guidelines and training will be assessed monthly to ensure that everything is up to date and is in compliance with Government and Health department regulations.


  • If further education in regards to Covid is required all artist/s will comply and complete necessary training before commencing any further work.


  • Incident response will be dealt with immediately and any risk of covid positive case exposure will be reported to state public health unit on 1800 020 080.



Artist/s reserves the right to refuse service to any and all clients who refuse to adhere to the above mandatory conditions of service. A refund is not applicable under any circumstance if service is refused due to breach of the conditions of service or artist/s feels at risk of infection.


Artist/s will take all possible precautions and uphold a strict hygiene procedure as per the State Government required COVID-19 Safe Plan to avoid and limit contamination and spread of infection. While all care is taken, no responsibility is accepted.